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Marketing doesn’t have to cause you stress. It can even be fun.

When I talk to people about their marketing, I can often feel their stress level rising.

Maybe they have a sense they could be reaching more people, or more of the right people, but they don’t know how. Or they’ve been meaning to get a new website or logo or to start using Instagram, but they don’t even know where to start.

If your stomach just tightened, let me help. I’ll craft a plan to tell your business’s story so you can focus on what you do best.

Marketing strategy Marketing strategy
There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all marketing. We’ll spell out what success looks like for you, so we can design a plan to get you there. How many of what kind of customer would you need to serve to hit your revenue goals? What kind of work do you most like doing? How do you measure success?
Let’s work together to set a course for you
Marketing tactics Marketing tactics
You don’t have unlimited time or money, so you don’t want to know what you could do, you want to know what you should do. I’ll help you prioritize with a realistic plan: What should you do on your website, in your e-newsletter, on social media, in print promotion pieces? We’ll get clear and specific so you know what to do and how to do it.
Let’s create a plan to help you take action


How could this possibly be fun? I enjoy what I do and I like to laugh. I often meet clients over cocktails and try to make our time working together engaging and enjoyable. We can improve how you promote your business without it feeling like a root canal.

Are you stressed by your marketing? I can help.



I am a solopreneur marketing consultant — I know what it means to have to do your own accounting, sales and marketing without the benefit of a big staff and huge budget.

Most of my clients are small to mid-sized organizations, many are one-person operations. I recommend strategies and tactics tailored to their needs. It’s not helpful to create a plan that needs more time and money than you have, so I meet you where you are and help you improve from there.


  • Colleen is a genius. I literally walked out of our meeting and that night was suddenly talking about our company differently at a cocktail party et voila! I got an offer for work — that night! I know that sounds like an infomercial but it really happened. And the following week we made huge changes to our website and marketing materials that finally helped make sense of what we are trying to do and offer.
  • Colleen helped me think through some big strategic questions and implementation tactics to help us increase sales of tickets and merchandise. She listened to our needs and made recommendations that were in tune with our staffing, budget and culture.”
  •  ›Colleen worked with us to identify the business goals that aligned with our use of social media as a marketing tool. She taught us specifics about how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and HootSuite, and gave us ideas for using those tools to engage customers in a conversation that would lead to increased profitability. We still use those ideas regularly while communicating through social media. We found her to be hard working and dedicated. We would definitely reach out to her for any future social media projects.”
  •  ›We have worked with Colleen on two research projects — one a broad assessment of our members’ needs and the other gathering participants’ feedback on a specific service we offer. In both cases, Colleen crafted questions that got at our most pressing decision points and walked us through the results in a clear, easy-to-understand way. I felt confident presenting the results of both surveys to our board of directors.” 
  • Colleen’s consultation is foundational to the success of my business. Truthful, direct, insightful and creative with the rare ability to think both long term and day-to-day, Colleen challenges and inspires me to create the business I want, not just the business I run. Her suggestions have broadened my market base, improved my search engine potential and helped me design product variants that meets my customers’ needs more directly. You owe it to your business to consult with Colleen.” 
  •  ›Our quick-hit session gave us lots of great and, maybe more importantly, actionable stuff in a short time.” 
  •  ›Colleen has a wonderful ‘deskside’ manner, knowing when to take the steering wheel and drive the project and when to just provide some directions and encouragement. That’s not a skill that’s easy to find but it’s a big reason Colleen is so successful. From staff to third parties to executives, Colleen knew what information to deliver and how to deliver it.” 
  • Katie Goodman, Broad Comedy
  • Ron Rona, Preservation Hall
  • Ron Sahadi, Sahadi's Specialty and Fine Foods
  • Tom Slaughter, Inland Press Association
  • Rob Hess, Go! Ice Cream
  • Louis Rosenfeld, Rosenfeld Media
  • Randy Picht, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute